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  • 1.   For each job you plan to assess, submit a job description and complete our simple job analysis survey (Select and Develop packages).  Or, we'll conduct an in-house validation study for any of the jobs you plan to assess (Select + package).
  • 2.  We create a customized, job-specific scoring models to evaluate the assessments of your job candidates or team members and set up your branded online assessment center.*
  • 3.  Schedule assessments, view results, and generate reports in your online assessment center.*  Better select, develop, and retain talent.
  • *Integration with Applicant Tracking Systems is available.

Assessment Packages

  • With our Select package, we use your existing job description and results from a brief survey to form customized, job-specific scoring models. The assessments are adaptive, secure, and applicant-friendly. Reports include an easy-to-understand comparison of candidates' job fit and provide interview questions targeted to individuals' assessed strengths and weaknesses.
  • Our Select + package uses performance ratings and/or objective performance measures (e.g., sales) to create customized, job-specific scoring models. We completely run the study for you. Something called "concurrent validation." For each job you plan to hire for, concurrent validation requires assessing at least 10 current employees, but we recommend using 20 or more.
  • Our Develop package falls under the same pricing as the Select package, but is designed for developing your existing employees. Assessment reports guide teams, foster manager-employee relations, and direct onboarding.
 SelectSelect +  Develop
PurposeSelection and PromotionSelection, Promotion, Team Building, Coaching, and DevelopmentTeam Building, Coaching, and Development
Custom, Job-Specific Scoring ModelBased on Job Description and Job Analysis Survey1Concurrent Validation Study based on performance of job incumbentsBased on Job Description and Job Analysis Survey1
Distortion Detection2

Always included!

Online Assessment Platform

Always included!

Phone and Email Support

Always included!

Cost Per Assessment
  • 1-34: $295

  • 35-99: $260

  • 100-249: $220

  • 250+: $200
Per Assessment Pricing same as our Select package, plus:
  • First position: $850
  • Each additional position: $600
Same as our Select package.
Sample Reports3Individual
Candidate Comparison
Individual Compared to Multiple Positions
Candidate Feedback (Scores Hidden)
See Select and Develop reportsTeam
Individual Coaching
  1. The Job Analysis Survey is a 57 item multiple-choice survey asking about the job you're assessing. This survey should be completed by the hiring manager or a job incumbent very familiar with the role. Although one survey is sufficient, up to four Job Analysis Surveys can be completed for each job.

  2. When taking the assessment, job candidates may answer in a way that is socially desirable or that they believe makes them look better, rather than candidly. Distortion detection evaluates and reports on this.

  3. Regardless of the package, all reports are included. In the table, we provide reports most relevant to each package.

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