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Assessment Packages

With either of our packages, your applicants and/or employees will experience the same modern, multi-platform assessment. The assessments will be scored against job performance models that are customized in unique ways based on which package you choose. Both packages provide validated scoring models and easy-to-use reports to improve your selection decisions and development efforts.

  • With our select-develop JAS package, we use your existing job description and results from a brief Job Analysis Survey (JAS) to form a customized, job-specific scoring model. For selection, reports include an easy-to-understand comparison of candidates' job fit and interview questions targeted to individuals' assessed strengths and weaknesses. For development and onboarding, team, manager-employee, and coaching reports are available.
  • Our select-develop CVS package uses performance ratings and/or objective performance measures (e.g., sales) to create a customized, job-specific scoring model. We call this process Concurrent Validation or a Concurrent Validation Study (CVS). For each job you plan to assess using CVS, assessments and performance ratings are required from at least 10 current employees, but we strongly suggest using 20 or more. We fully conduct the CVS for you to create your job-specific scoring model(s). The same scores and suite of easy-to-use reports are available as with select-develop JAS.

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  • select-

  • select-

  • Purpose

  • selection, onboarding, promotion, team building, coaching, and development

  • Reports and scoring algorithm based on:

  • existing job description & Job Analysis Survey (JAS)
  • see paragraph above for details

  • Concurrent Validation Study (CVS) of incumbents' job performance
  • see paragraph above for details

  • Cost

  • Per-assessment pricing:
  • 1-34: $295
  • 35-99: $260
  • 100-249: $220
  • 250+: $200

  • Per-assessment pricing, plus:
  • First position: $950
  • Each additional position: $750

  • Distortion detection*

  • Always included!

  • Branded online assessment center

  • Always included!

  • Phone and email support

  • Always included!

  • Sample reports

  • *When taking the assessment, job candidates may answer in a way that is socially desirable or that they believe makes them look better, rather than candidly. Distortion detection evaluates and reports this.
  • The Job Analysis Survey is a 57-item multiple-choice survey asking about the job you're assessing. This survey should be completed by the hiring manager or a job incumbent very familiar with the role. Although one survey is sufficient, up to four Job Analysis Surveys can be completed for each job.
  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS) integration is available.