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PXT Select™ Assessments: Administration Guide

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Anytime you are assessing for a new position, contact us to get a new Performance Model set up and added to your account.

Once your Performance Model is ready to go, there are two primary options for PXT Select™ assessment administration.  They are summarized directly below with instructions following.

Option 1:  Direct Invitation

    • Recommended if you know who you want to take the PXT Select™ assessment in advance.
    • You can elect to have the reports emailed to you on assessment completion.

Option 2:  Self Registration (Open Link)

    • Recommended if you want to post a link to the PXT Select™ assessment on your job positing.
    • Rather than entering each candidate’s name and email address/phone number in order to schedule an assessment, Self Registration allows users to send candidates a link that the candidate will access to complete their assessment. The link allows candidates to enter their own information, thus registering themselves for the assessment.
    • Since you are only charged for assessments when they are scored (not when they are taken), you can use this option to collect assessments at the point of initial application, but only score (and thus pay) for assessments for individuals meeting your minimum qualifications (e.g., work eligibility and education requirements).

Assessment Administration Option 1:  Direct Invitation Instructions

    1. On the Schedule menu, click Assessment (under New Candidates)
    2. Add name and email address for person to be assessed and click Add to List
      1. You can repeat this step for multiple candidates to be assessed for the same position (i.e., Performance Model) or if no position is needed (e.g., assessing for the Team Report).
    3. Under Performance Model, select the relevant Performance Model for the position you are assessing for (we will add these to your assessment platform).
    4. Ensure the Send Invitation checkbox is checked and change the Sent from name to your or the desired name.
      1. If you’d like to modify email templates for the invitation email, go to:  Configure > Email Templates, find the correct template, and edit it.
    5. If you’d like a reminder to be sent if the candidate has not completed the assessment after a period of time, ensure the Send Reminder checkbox is checked and change the Sent from name to the desired name and the After # of days field to the desired number.
      1. If you’d like to modify email templates for the invitation email, go to:  Configure > Email Templates, find the correct template, and edit it.
    6. If you want to change the days to complete or when the reminder email will be sent, modify the respective fields.
    7. To receive an email with desired reports on assessment completion, check the Send Email upon completion box.
      1. Add your or the desired name to the Sent from name field.
      2. Add your email address to the To field.
      3. Select any reports you would like to receive under Attachments and click Add Report(s). For selection, you will typically want to add the Comprehensive Selection Report, titled PXTS – Comprehensive Selection Report (One person. One position.).
    8. If you’d like to send a Thank You email to the candidate, check the corresponding box and fill in your name.
    9. We do not recommend sending an Individual Report to the candidate, but this can be done by checking the corresponding box and filling in your name.
    10. Click Continue

Assessment Administration Option 2:  Self Registration (Open Link) Instructions

    1. On the Manage menu, click Self Registrations.
    2. Click New.
    3. Select By Assessment.
    4. Enter a name for the Self Registration (e.g., “[Company Name] [Position] Self-registration”).
    5. Enter a description, if desired.
    6. In the Assessment drop-down, select the type of assessment.
    7. If a completion email should be received once a candidate has completed, select Send
      Completion Email
      . Note candidate reports will not be attached to this message. The email is simply meant to notify individuals that a candidate has completed an assessment.

      1. Select an option from the drop-down.
        1. Security Group Contact will send an email to the default contact of the Security Group that owns this Self Registration. (The Security Group will be selected later in the setup process.)
        2. Modify Address will allow you to enter an alternate email address that will receive the assessment completion notification.
    8. Self Registration is the only way of scheduling that allows users to disable Auto-Score on assessments. If desired, set auto-score to no.
      1. Note:  If auto scoring is on and you are posting this link on a public job board, anyone who completes the assessment will be scored and you will use up a purchased assessment. For this reason, we only recommend turning auto scoring on if you are privately sharing the registration link (in which case, the direct invitation option is typically preferred anyway).
    9. Select the Default Language for the Self Registration.
    10. If desired, an expiration date can be set for the Self Registration. If an expiration date is selected, then the link for the self registration will be disabled on that date. This date can be updated and/or removed at any time if you do choose to enter a date.
    11. Select an option for the Email and Phone drop-down:
      1. Require One – requires candidates enter an email or phone number, but doesn’t specify which one.
      2. Require Both – requires candidates enter both an email and phone number.
      3. Require Email and Prompt Phone – will require candidates to enter their email address and provide them with the option to enter a phone number as well.
      4. Require Email and Do Not Collect Phone – will require candidates to enter their email address and not provide them with an option to enter a phone number.
      5. Prompt Email and Require Phone – will provide candidates with the option to enter an email address, but will require that they enter their phone number.
    12. Select the Security Group that will own this Self Registration.
      1. The contact for the listed Security Group(s) can be checked by clicking Configure, then Security Groups, and then clicking on the binoculars icon for the Security Group Name. To change a given Security Group Contact, click Edit.
    13. Click Activate and Save for the Self Registration link to become active and usable.
      1. You can then provide the link to candidates so they can register themselves and complete their assessment.
      2. Complete candidate invite instructions, including the assessment link, are provided in the “Invite” section.
        1. The assessment link is also provided on its own in the “URL” field.
      3. The assessment link and invitation can also be emailed to candidates directly from the system.
        1. To email the Self Registration Link, click the Email Invitation button.
        2. Enter the recipient’s name and email address.
        3. Click Ok.