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Sift HR is the consulting practice of assessment expert Justin Wiegand, Ph.D. and exists to help organizations make great hiring decisions and develop talent using adaptive assessments and integrative HR consulting.

Rheo Engineering has used Sift HR extensively during a hiring spree for multiple positions. The information received from the testing was certainly worth the cost, and influenced our hiring decisions in a myriad of ways.​


Controller, Rheo Engineering

Sift HR has been extremely helpful in assisting with organizational fit of team members and aiding in getting the most out of team members.


Production Analyst, SMS

how it works

The Assessment Process

We exclusively use PXT Select™ assessments—a Wiley brand of validated, adaptive assessments—to improve hiring and employee development.  PXT Select™ leverages decades of use across small, mid-size, and Fortune 500 organizations to inform hiring and development decisions using real performance data.

Your assessments will be scored against the actual job you are hiring for or developing talent in.  PXT Select™ uses cutting-edge psychometrics and computer-adaptive items to evaluate multiple job-related constructs and provide easy-to-understand reports with predictive fit scores, targeted interview questions, and clear, actionable narrative to guide hiring and development decisions.  Implementation is easy and we guide you each step of the way.

Determine Scope

Selection, development, or both? For selection, our candidate assessments provide easy-to-understand, job-specific fit scores, narrative, and targeted interview guidance. For development, we assess new or existing employees and provide direction through coaching, manager-employee, and/or team reports.

Define each Job

For hiring or coaching, you'll need to submit a copy of your job description and have the hiring manager and/or job incumbents complete our short job analysis survey.

Expert Match and Validation

Your job description is matched to validated performance data by Dr. Justin Wiegand and then cross-checked and adjusted based on your job analysis survey results.

Administer Assessments

We provide you with a secure, branded, easy-to-use online assessment center and offer comprehensive, personal support. You'll be able to generate an open assessment link to share or place on job postings and send direct invitations to individual candidates.


After an assessment is completed, you'll be able to easily generate reports in your online assessment center. Our suite of reports includes comparable fit scores with clear, job-specific narrative, interview guidance, and recommendations for onboarding, coaching, development, and team-building.



3 – 49 assessments*



50 – 249 Assessments



250 + Assessments**


*Three assessment minimum order. Assessments never expire.

**Clients needing 2,000 or more assessments per year are eligible for a yearly license agreement. Contact us for more details.


scoring based on your internal performance data

Sift Custom Analytics

Our Start, Expand, and Enterprise packages are recommended, turn-key solutions that leverage the match of your specific jobs to large-scale performance data.

Sift Custom Analytics provides an option for clients who prefer scoring models based entirely on their internal performance data. With Sift Custom Analytics, we assess your role incumbents and create scoring models for new hires based on the incumbents’ assessment scores and performance. Twenty or more incumbents are required for each role. Contact us for more information.

Sift Custom Analytics

Internal Validation Study

$995/position + assessments

why clients chose us

We make predictive assessments accessible

We offer the best of both worlds:  an experienced assessment expert along with software and support that scales with you.

Our partnership with Wiley (maker of the popular DiSC® and The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team® assessments) ensures your needs are met, from small business owners to the Fortune 500.

Our experience working in Fortune 100 HR roles along with extensive interviews of HR and hiring managers revealed the following barriers to assessment uptake. Get in touch to find out how we eliminate each of them.

Prohibitive start-up costs
Legal concerns
Ease of implementation

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when you find fit

Everyone Wins

When you find fit, you improve hiring and maximize applicants’ opportunity for success—everyone wins.  Our reports make this happen.  In addition to providing fit scores and clear narrative, they improve your interviewing with behaviorally-based questions targeting assessed challenge areas.

The constructs we measure are based on what works.  Schmidt and Hunter’s seminal meta-analysis of all studies predicting performance across industry, time, and place demonstrated that you can better understand fit and performance using the constructs we evaluate.  Based on thousands of studies across more than 500 widely diverse jobs, they found that cognitive ability, one of the hallmarks of our assessment, explains an average of 26% of the variation in employee performance.  The rest of our assessment—key personality traits, interests, and structured interviews—helps further predict that variation.  It all works together to help you find fit and hire better than you could with resume reviews and interviewing alone.

From “The Validity and Utility of Selection Methods in Personnel Psychology: Practical and Theoretical Implications of 85 Years of Research Findings” by Frank Schmidt and John Hunter.

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