What We Do

We help organizations make great hiring decisions and develop talent using adaptive assessments and integrative HR consulting.

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The Assessments

We use cutting-edge PXT Select Assesments. See example reports, the orientation video, and more here.

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Discover our passion for HR excellence, deep industry experience, and rigerous scientific background.

About us
"EHS Solutions has used Sift HR extensively over the past 4 months during a hiring spree for multiple positions. The information received from the testing was certainly worth the cost, and influenced our hiring decisions in a myriad of ways. We plan to continue using Sift HR in the future and have specifically included the testing in our hiring procedure going forward."
Caleb, EHS Solutions

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What We Do

We help organizations make great hiring decisions and develop talent using adaptive assessments and integrative HR consulting. Assessments instantly provide a full suite of reports containing graphics, narrative, and scores.  Each report is purpose built: optimize selection decisions, enter developmental conversations with confidence, and unlock potential in your teams.

We passionately support our assessment packages for quick, seamless implementation.

What We Care About

  • Hiring right. We want you to make the best hiring decisions as quickly and defensibly as possible.  We want applicants to value their treatment and your brand throughout the selection process.
  • Development.  People make the place.  We help your current managers, teams, and employees thrive.
  • Prediction. We help you better predict fit, that means employee performance, satisfaction, and retention. We are a Certified Professional Partner of PXT Select, a Wiley brand of adaptive assessments purpose-built for selection, hiring, and development.
  • Speed and service. PXT Select assessments are extremely easy to implement, yet fully customized to your jobs. Justin Wiegand, PhD provides a wealth of experience and a strong service-orientation to seamlessly guide your implementation.
  • Fairness and compliance. Our assessments help protect applicants and organizations from unintentional bias in hiring.  They are free of EEOC defined adverse impact against protected classes.
  • Data security. Our assessment platform is maintained across three Tier 3 data centers, each audited to ISAE 3402 and SSAE 16 standards. Current SSAE 16 SOC 2 reports are maintained and available to our customers and prospects. Our platforms were among the first to be EU-US and US-Swiss Privacy Shield certified. More on our infrastructure, security, and data privacy is available here.
  • Cost. Sift HR was formed to break down barriers to assessment, cost being an important one of them. We charge on a per-assessment basis with no hidden fees and volume discounts available. Visit packages to see our transparent pricing.
  • Giving back. We invest a significant portion of our revenue in organizations working locally and globally to help people thrive.