Help us make assessments accessible!

Assessments offer organizations tremendous benefits.

  • Better performance prediction than interviews and resume reviews
  • Less cost than interviews
  • Possibility for increased defensibility against hiring discrimination suits
  • Improved interviewing from behaviorally-based questions that target candidates’ assessed strengths and challenge areas
  • Faster onboarding and enhanced team development and manager-employee relations by providing objective guidance on how unique personalities work best together

However, assessment uptake takes time.

Organizations are often unaware of the ease, cost-effectiveness, and predictive power of assessment implementation.

Do you want to help break down barriers to implementation?

We need people willing to interface with and educate organizations on the benefits of assessment. And we’d be happy to reward you for it!

How our referral program works:

  1. Talk to individuals in HR, hiring managers, and/or leaders at an organization about our assessments and how they can help them improve selection and/or employee development.
  2. Ensure that someone in HR, a hiring manager, and/or an organizational leader would like to meet with a representative from Sift HR, either via phone, video conference, or in-person.  Do not submit referrals who have not given you permission to contact us.
  3. Call (309-310-8048) or email us with referral details:
    • referral’s name (first and last)
    • referral’s job title
    • referral’s organization’s name
    • referral’s contact information (phone and/or email)
    • how the referral would like to initially meet with us
    • your name (first and last)
    • your mailing address (for payment)
  4. You may also have your referral directly contact us, just be sure they mention you (first and last name) as their referral in their initial communication with us in order to qualify for a referral bonus.
  5. Receive a check for 4% of your referral’s first year gross payment(s) received for assessments (defined below)!

Details and FAQ

  • When will I get paid?
    • Forty-five (45) days after the first year of of contact with your referred organization.
  • What if Sift Human Resources LLC already has a record or contact with the organization I refer?
    • If we have had prior contact with or added a record of the organization or its representative(s) to our Customer Relationship Management system they are not eligible for inclusion in our referral program.
  • Any other fine print?
    • Sift Human Resources LLC (hereafter, Sift) reserves the right to refuse or deny a referral payment for any reason, including, but not limited to, having any prior contact or a Customer Relationship Management system record with a referred organization or its representative(s), an inability for us to contact, meet, or follow-up with a referral, lack of a sufficiently “warm” referral (e.g., a referral is not ready to meet with a Sift representative at the point of referral), lack of explicit association with a referral by the time of a referral’s initial contact with Sift, and/or suspected fraudulent use of the referral program.
    • “First year gross payment(s) received” by Sift Human Resources LLC is/are calculated as gross payment(s) received (i.e., payment in hand) for PXT Select assessments (this does not include additional consulting fees, including fees for concurrent validation studies apart from the cost of PXT Select assessments themselves) from the date of Sift’s initial contact with a referred organization or their representative(s) (including, but not limited to, contact via phone, virtual meeting, email, or an in-person meeting) until 365 days following that date.  No referral payment will be provided for payment(s) received from referred organizations apart from first year gross payment(s) received, including, but not limited to, payments received from referred organizations after the first year of initial contact with a referred organization or their representative(s).
    • We reserve the right to change, modify, or end this referral program at any time, for any reason, without any notice.
    • Referrers are responsible for operating within the full extent of all laws.  Referrers must only provide referrals who have consented to being referred.
    • This referral program is only applicable to referred organizations operating in the United States of America.
    • Have fun making assessments accessible!