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Sift Custom Analytics for PXT Select™


Sift Custom Analytics is our per-position scoring model creation based on your internal performance data and PXT Select™ assessment results.

We will use your performance data (or guide you in collecting performance data) for job incumbents and assess them using PXT Select™. Performance and assessment results will be compared to create a scoring model that differentiates on performance in the given role. This scoring model, based directly on your internal data, can then be used for future hiring and development.

To use Sift Custom Analytics, we require performance data and PXT Select™ assessments from a minimum of twenty (20) job incumbents to form a scoring model. Best results are obtained using thirty (30) or more job incumbents.  Following, in addition to Sift Custom Analytics, you will need to purchase PXT Select™ assessments for all incumbents to be assessed.

There is no need to assess existing employees or purchase Sift Custom Analytics to use our standard process. For the standard process, you should simply purchase PXT Select™ assessments and we will use your job description and Job Analysis Survey results to create your scoring model.

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