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PXT Select™ Assessments: Reporting Guide

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After PXT Select™ assessments have been completed, it’s time to generate reports (unless you used the Direct Invitation assessment administration option to have reports emailed to you directly on completion).

To manually generate reports and view results online:

  1. On the Manage menu, click Candidates.
    1. To generate PXT Select™ report(s) for a single candidate:
        1. Click the report icon next to the name of the candidate you want to generate a report or reports for.
        2. The next page provides a dashboard summary. If the candidate is not associated with a Performance Model (i.e., position), you can select the Performance Model under Comparable Performance Models. Otherwise, his/her Performance Model will automatically be shown.  This screen then displays the individual’s fit scores (click the + sign to expand each category) and how his/her overall fit score compares to other candidates for the given Performance Model.
        3. To access the reports, click the Reporting button.
    2. To generate PXT Select™ reports for multiple candidates:
        1. Select the check boxes next to their names.
        2. On the More Actions menu, select Candidate Reporting.
  2. On the Candidate Reporting screen:
    1. Select the reports you would like by checking boxes next to them under Reports.
    2. After selecting reports, if they require a Performance Model (or Models), you will be shown a menu (or menus) to select the Performance Model(s).
    3. After selections are made, click Continue to access the report(s).
        1. If a team name or manager designation is required, you will be able to provide this on the next page.
  3. Finally:
    1. Click the printer icon next to any report to generate a PDF for printing or saving.
    2. Click the envelope icon next to any report to send an email with the PDF attached.
    3. Click the envelope icon next to Send All to email all of the selected reports at once.
    4. Note for the Team Report:
        1. Click the white envelope to email the named report to a specific email address.
        2. Click the teal envelope to send the Individual Team Report to the Candidate.
        3. Click the white Send All envelope to email all reports separately to a specific email address.
        4. Click the teal Send All envelope to email the Individual Team Reports to each Candidate.